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Unisphere rewarded at Schwäbisch Media Start-up Competition

The following examples still sound like scenarios in the future: people flying to the nearest cinema or restaurant in air taxis, blood and tissue samples being transported by drone from a hospital to the closest laboratory. Nonetheless the Unisphere company is already working to implement those scenarios into our daily life - "and we all agree that in our future the flying drones, i.e. unmanned aerial vehicles, will play an important role," said the speaker of the event and start-up investor Jens Freiter.

Unisphere wants to enable companies and individuals to use drones without having to obtain a drone flying license. The Constance-based company has developed an automated flight planning system that calculates the optimal flight route for users, considering weather data, airspace information und the battery status of the unmanned aircraft. Christoph Schlettig, one of the two founders of Unisphere, reports that the company has already started pilot projects with the Friedrichshafen-based supplier ZF in which a drone transports spare parts from warehouse to production line over a busy intersection. "In addition to the potential of this idea, the team and its know-how also convinced the jury," says Jens Freiter.

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