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Blockchain as an enabler for unmanned aviation and safe automation of drone flights

Konstanz, Kreuzlingen, March 15, 2022 - Cross-border cooperation between the two startups OriginStamp (Kreuzlingen) and Unisphere (Konstanz). The aim of the collaboration is to integrate blockchain technology into Unisphere's software platform for automated flight operations of civil drones and air taxis.

The following already applies today: For every flight carried out, there are a large number of pilot activities & checks that must be documented and archived in the long term. In the future, this will also be the case for unmanned aircraft such as delivery drones and air taxis. In contrast to manned aviation, however, these aircraft are to be operated entirely by computer-based systems in the future. In order to meet the high transparency requirements in the future, new ways must be found to make this work reliably in a highly automated & digital world. In the course of their cooperation, the two startups are addressing this issue.

One example: A medical laboratory cooperates with a logistics company.

The aim is to transport blood samples quickly, cost-effectively, and safely from the hospital to a laboratory for further analysis. By using a delivery drone, hospital employees can have the sample transported to the laboratory directly after collection in a completely automated manner by a drone. This not only saves time and money but also allows for better medical service based on faster analysis results and enables more targeted treatment of the patient.

Although this may sound a bit like science fiction, such use cases for drones are already being tested today and offer great potential for climate-neutral and fast deliveries of critical goods. Here, Unisphere's flight management platform supports drone operators in flight planning and execution. For this purpose, cutting-edge simulation technologies are used to simulate the respective flights in advance and to automatically check them for possible weather risks as well as their feasibility.

By integrating OriginStamp's blockchain technology, the next step is not only to automate flight planning, but also to fulfill the corresponding documentation requirements completely automatically, transparently, and, above all, tamper-proof.

This means in detail: With the help of OriginStamp, data records and entire processes can be automatically stored in several public blockchains and audited in a tamper-proof manner. Thanks to the blockchain technology used, independent experts can also track which document was created at any time. Subsequent, unnoticed changes to flight documents thus become almost impossible.

The cooperation lays the foundation for innovative software solutions for unmanned aviation. Experts expect this form of mobility and logistics to be part of our everyday lives in the coming years. We are pleased to contribute to this here from the Lake Constance region as well.

About Unisphere

Unisphere is a specialist for smart software solutions to automate the flight operations of drones and air taxis. The software platform is used by leading BVLOS drone operators and supports both piloted and fully automated flight operations based on its unique simulation technology. Our data-driven analytics solutions enable vertiport and air taxi companies in the design and decision-making process for Urban Air Mobility services. Unisphere was founded in 2017 and is situated in Konstanz, Germany.

About OriginStamp

At OriginStamp AG, everything revolves around the topics of blockchain and data integrity. Since its founding in 2019, the Swiss company has been offering turnkey blockchain solutions, consulting services, and individual software development. Its customers include many well-known companies. For example, the "Stamp 4.0", the world's first interactive postage stamp, was created in 2021 from the cooperation with the Liechtenstein Post Office.